Our activities, captured through video lens 🙂

Meet The New Twinhouse

We relaunched our house to serve you better. We’re now not only serving delicious home made foods, but also good coffee, on top of large outdoor space. A truly one-stop culinary experience.

Twinhouse Coffee & Kitchen

Twinhouse has two houses, a cafe and a restaurant. That is why we call it “twin”. You can try new culinary experience by having your meals or coffee outdoor with our bean bags. Located at the heart of hip part of Jakarta, Twinhouse is very strategically located.

Come, we’re waiting for you at our house 🙂

Twinhouse Carnival

Our relaunching event, featuring lots of brands as our partner, coffee clinic, children story telling, and many more. One of our friends, Taskya Namya also attended the event to show her support. Watch what she has got to say in this video.

Try Our Delicious Coffee

Now Twinhouse can be home for coffee-lovers also. Choose whether to sip your coffee inside our cozy house or outside with the bean bags. Both will surely give you an unforgettable experience.